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Run Tmc T-Shirt Available

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Inspired by the RUN TMC Golden State Warriors trio featuring All-NBA performers Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin. They were among the highest scoring trios in NBA history. They became fan favorites during their brief two-year stint together, leaving an indelible mark on the Bay Area. Renowned for their high-scoring prowess, they ranked among the NBA's top trios. Embraced as a Bay Area culture phenomenon, they earned their moniker from the popular hip-hop group RUN DMC. Their popularity even extended to regional McDonald's, which had its own Run TMC burger. This dynamic trio showcased a brief yet unforgettable era of high-scoring, fast-paced basketball, becoming synonymous with an exciting chapter in Bay Area sports history. The name "RUN TMC" became synonymous with the fast-paced, up-tempo style of play that characterized the Warriors during that era.

The Brooklyn native Chris Mullin, a versatile small forward, contributed finesse and basketball IQ to Run TMC. Drafted 7th overall in 1985, Mullin's leadership and scoring prowess were crucial during the trio's brief but impactful tenure. Already a seasoned veteran when Run TMC was formed, Mullin's legacy continues to resonate in NBA folklore. Mullin set the ground work for RUN TMC and stayed with the Warriors for more than 10 seasons.

RUN TMC Golden State Warriors Poster

Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Mitch Richmond, aptly nicknamed "The Rock," added strength and reliability to Run TMC. Selected as the 5th overall pick in 1988, Richmond's scoring savviness and smooth stroke made him a key component of the trio. His journey from Kansas State to the Warriors showcased the diverse talents that defined Run TMC's formidable presence.

Tim Hardaway, a prodigy from Chicago's basketball landscape, brought his exceptional ball-handling skills and scoring prowess to the Warriors after being drafted 14th overall in 1989. He was the last of the trio to join the team. His "UTEP Two-Step" crossover dribble became legendary, making him an integral part of the famed Run TMC trio. Hardaway's electrifying style and leadership on the court defined the era.

RUN TMC Golden State Warriors


The coaching strategies of Don Nelson played a pivotal role. Nelson's visionary approach, emphasizing a frenetic pace and motion offense, laid the groundwork for the trio's success. As the Warriors embraced small ball and high-scoring quarters, Nelson's influence became synonymous with the team's distinctive playing style.
The team found some success during the 1988-1989 season which they featured a rookie Mitch Richmond and a 3rd year Chris Mullin. The team was able to win 43 games in the regular season. During the 1989 Playoffs, Run TMC dominated the Utah Jazz in the first round (3-0) but faced a tough challenge in the semifinals against the Phoenix Suns, ultimately losing (1-4).

With the draft selection of Tim Hardaway in the 1989 draft, the inception of Run TMC during the 1989-1990 season marked a turning point for the Golden State Warriors. Coach Don Nelson's innovative approach to small ball, combined with the individual brilliance of Hardaway, Richmond, and Mullin, created a symphony of basketball excellence. United by their love for fast-paced, dynamic play, Run TMC became synonymous with excitement and scoring explosions.


Chris Mullin - Run TMC

The 1989-1990 season showcased the individual achievements of Run TMC, laying the foundation for the high-scoring era. Mullin led in points with 25.1 PPG, Richmond added 22.1 PPG, and Hardaway, in his rookie season, contributed 14.1 PPG. The subsequent seasons witnessed their evolution, leading the Warriors to the playoffs.

The 1990-1991 season saw Run TMC became the highest-scoring trio in the league, averaging a combined total of 73.7 points per game in the 1990-1991 season. In the 1991 Playoffs, they triumphed in the first round against the San Antonio Spurs (3-1) but fell to the Los Angeles Lakers in the semifinals (1-4). These playoff battles added layers to their legacy, showcasing their resilience and skill on the postseason stage.


Mitch Richmond - RUN TMC


The premature demise of Run TMC in the 1991-92 season, marked by the trade of Mitch Richmond for Billy Owens, altered the dynamic of the team and signaled the end of an era. Despite their sub-.500 record, the trio believed they needed more time to truly make their mark in NBA history. The departure of key players reshaped the Warriors' roster and brought an end to the golden age of Run TMC. In the intricate tale of Run TMC, the trade involving Billy Owens for Mitch Richmond had lasting consequences. Owens, hailed for his potential during his time at Syracuse, struggled to make a significant impact, while Richmond flourished as a key player for the Sacramento Kings. This trade became a pivotal moment, altering the trajectory of individual careers and reshaping the narrative of the Warriors' golden era. The void left by Richmond's departure was palpable, marking a significant shift in the team dynamics.

Despite its short duration, Run TMC's legacy lives on as one of the most exciting trios in NBA history. The trio's electrifying style and high-scoring performances remain etched in the memories of basketball enthusiasts, forever defining a golden era in the Warriors' history. The symphony of brilliance composed by Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullin echoes through the annals of basketball lore, a testament to the artistry that can be achieved on the hardwood. Check out our Run TMC Shirt Here.


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