Greatest Uniforms of All Time

Greatest Uniforms of All Time

This week we bring you the greatest jerseys in sports history. Our ratings took five things into consideration. Color, design, popularity, relevance & city influence. Drop a comment below and let us know who we missed.
 Blackhawks Greatest Jersey of All Time

Chicago Blackhawks

We usually don't show much love to the NHL, but we couldn't resist these. Their uniform has not changed all that much throughout the years, making only small changes when deemed nessasary. With their trademark alternate "C" logo with crossed tomahawks on the shoulders. Along with the classic image of the Blackhawk Indian across the front of the jersey it is enough for number one.

Warriors The City Jersey

San Francisco Warriors 1970

No uniform in NBA history better symbolized a city in which a team resided. The jersey features great geographic landmarks used within their design. The logo featured a silhouette of the Golden Gate bridge on a circle. "The City" was a popular term used for San Francisco in Northern California. The back of the jersey features a trolley car (which was popular in SF during the time period), with numbers inside the trolley car. Worn by Hall of Famers Rick Barry & Nate Thurmond.

New York Yankees Greatest Jersey of All Time

New York Yankees

If your uniform has been relevant for almost a century, it is safe to say you will make the top 5. The classic pinstripes have been a Bronx bombers mainstay since the early part of the 1900's. The pinstripes have been donned by some of the best ballplayers of all time Ruth, Gerihg, Dimaggio, Mantle, Maris, Mattingly, Rivera, Jeter and many more. Need I say more?
Atlanta Braves Greatest Jersey of All Time

Atlanta braves 1973

Their white home jerseys featured raglan-sleeve design with royal blue and red accents. There sleeve featured a classic feather logo in blue and red. Cursive royal blue font with white and red outline. Hank Aaron would go on to hit home run number 715 in these. One of the best selling throwback jerseys in the 2000s.
Oakland Raiders Greatest Jersey of All Time

Oakland Raiders

When you think Black and Silver, you think Raiders. One of the only sports teams to be synonymous with a color scheme. The first pro franchise to feature strictly black and silver in their uniform scheme. Al Davis became iconic because of the move. The awesome Raider shield logo didn't hurt their cause.

Chicago Bulls Greatest Jersey of All Time

Chicago Bulls 1996

Their jerseys rarely change much and that's for good reason. The red, white and black works in a perfect harmony. The classic bulls font highlighted by an arch. The black numbers are highlighted by white outline along with the red background.
LA Dodgers Greatest Jersey of All Time

Los Angeles Dodgers 1977

The team has changed their uniform little since moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1957. Their classic blue Dodger cursive along with the red lettering makes for a classic uniform look that has stood the test of time. Not to  mention the classic LA logo sported on the hats.
Orlando Magic Greatest Jersey of All Time

Orlando Magic 1996

Maybe its the pinstripes, maybe its the star in place of the letter a. Maybe its the awesome color scheme. These magic jerseys have always been an NBA fan favorite. Featuring white pinstripes on their black away jerseys, the magics letter script was unique among NBA teams. Worn by Shaq & Penny's team of the mid 1990's, these uniforms made an appearance in the 1995 NBA Finals.
San Francisco 49ers Greatest Jersey of All Time

San Francisco 49ers 1994

Blessed with a great color combo the 49ers added depth to their numbers in 1994, making the uniform pop. The 94 versions also featured the NFL's 75th anniversary patch. The team also went on to win the Superbowl in these during the 94 season.
Philly 76ers Greatest Jersey of All Time

Philadelphia 76ers 1977

There are few cities with more history than Philadelphia. The 77 Sixers jersey played great homage to a historic American city. Featuring stars down the side, the patriotic scheme. Unique Sixers font also helped to showcase the flashy team that donned the Jerseys. The 77 team would go on to the NBA Finals where they lost to a more team oriented Portland Trailblazers team.
San Diego Chargers Greatest Jersey of All Time

San Diego Chargers 1967

Classic powder blue Chargers uniforms became an instant hit in San Diego. They remain one of the most popular throwback jerseys in the NFL. The unique helmets featured the letters below the lightning bolt. Their sleeve featured a horizontal lightning bolt above the numbers. The pants had a vertical thunder bolt along the side.

Blazers Greatest Jersey of All Time

Portland Trailblazers 1988

Featuring two parallel lines running diagonal on the jersey. The design created a unique look for the Blazers. The 1988 version of the jersey featured the blazers script in lower case lettering.
Bullets Greatest Jersey of All Time

Washington Bullets 1977

Another great jersey illustrates the American feel of the political capital Washington DC. The Bullet uniform payed homage to our American flag. The jersey featured flag like striped on the upper, while the shorts featured stars on the sides.
LA Rams Greatest Jersey of All Time

Los Angeles Rams 1984

The helmet ram design is simple and refined. Circling Ram horns form the best helmet design in the entire NFL. The sleeve featured a ram horn and the color scheme makes it all come together.
Houston Oilers Greatest Jersey of All Time

Houston Oilers 1983

The iconic powder blue uniforms wore by none other than Earl Campbell. The jersey featured a great use of number script outlined by red. The contrast between the powder blue, white and red worked great. The helmets featured an oiling tower. An image that is synonymous in Houston, Texas.

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