Michael Jordan's Number 12 October 07 2015, 0 Comments

Michael Jordan 12 jersey

           The Chicago Bulls visited the new franchise Orlando Magic on Valentine's day 1990. Returning to the arena after shoot around, Michael Jordan noticed his number 23 jersey was missing. In those days the Bulls did not carry extra 23 jerseys on the round. So the team staff went out in the crowd before the game and went searching for a 23 jersey in Jordan's correct size. The search came up unsuccessful, and Jordan was forced to wear a black nameless number 12 jersey carried by the Bulls in case of emergency.
           The nameless 12 jersey did not effect Jordan's play. Over 47 minutes of action, Jordan scored a game-high 49 points. However Chicago ended up with a loss after they led by double digits in the third quarter. The Magic mounted comeback to force overtime, where they pulled out a 135-129 win.
           Michael's 23 jersey was found a few days after the game in the visiting teams locker room ceiling tiles. No one will ever know just exactly how the jersey got into the locker room ceiling.