Best Vintage Sports T- Shirts of All Time

Best Vintage Sports T- Shirts of All Time


Grateful Dead Lithuania Tie Die Shirt

1) Tie Die Lithuania

The Grateful Dead sponsored the Lithuania national team in the 1992 Olympics. They rocked these on their way to the bronze metal. They were perfect shirts for Lithuania at the time, the country was  undergoing political changes that allowed for new freedoms and liberties not previously granted. The team wore the shirts religiously at the 92 games, making them a fan favorite. Soon after, the shirt would become one of the best selling t-shirts of all time. The tie die colors represented the new found freedom their country has gained. The front graphic shows a skeleton in a Lithuania jersey dunking a basketball.


Ken Griffey Jr and Ken Griffey Sr

2) The Griffeys

Baseballs first family could not be a more accurate description for the father and son duo of Ken Griffey Junior and Senior. This is one of many shirts celebrating the pair, although it is our favorite. The shirt came out in the late 80s and illustrates the Griffey's at a presidential desk with both an American flag and a Mariners flag.

Jordan Playground Shirt

3) Jordan Playground

On looks alone its easy to see why the shirt had so much popularity. The classic picture of Jordan was shot at a Chicago playground. The t shirt has had a cult following since. Easily going for over 100 dollars on Ebay. The shirt itself help to popularize the idea of printing an entire image on the front of a t-shirt.

Mean Joe Green Shirt

4) Mean Joe Green

The Infamous Mean Joe Green of the Pittsburgh Steelers. While it may not have the prestige of his famous Pepsi commercial, the shirt has plenty of Mean Joe spirit. Featuring his 4 rings from the 1970, this was easily one of the coolest NFL shirts of all time.

Pearl Jam - Mookie Blaylock
5) Mookie Blaylock Pearl Jam
For a considerable amount of time, the band Pearl Jam was known under the name "Mookie Blaylock". That's right the swift point guard from the Nets and the Hawks. Corporate powers prevented the name Mookie Blaylock from ever seeing the light of day. So instead the band switched their name to Pearl Jam. This shirt celebrates celebrates the bands original name.

Nike Bol Ball

6) Nike Bol Ball

The late great Manute Bol and Nike teamed up for a awesome shirt. At the time Manute was a member of the Washington Bullets. The shirt features Bol in his Washington Uniform with print below that reads "Bol Ball".

Dallas Cowboys World Champs 1994 Shirt

7) Dallas Cowboys World Champs

These caricature type shirts were very popular in the 80's and 90's. This shirt celebrates Dallas and their championship in 1994. Shirt features Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith, Ken Norton Jr, Charles Haley and Jay Novacek.

The Fridge Shirt

 8) The Fridge

The Fridge was a colorful figure both on and off the field for the iconic Chicago Bears teams of the 1980s. Perhaps no big man in NFL history was as popular as the Fridge during the 80s. Shirt features an illustration of the Fridge running the ball along with his autograph and "The Fridge" printed below.

The Bash Brothers Shirt

9) Bash Brothers

The iconic Oakland Bash Brothers from the late 80s and early 90s. The nickname was truly fitting of their powerful long ball style. This Oakland team was also known for their habitual steroid use, making them a fan favorite. Shirt features McGwire, Canseco, Dave Parker and Don Baylor. The group is illustrated on the shirt performing the legendary bash bros hand shake.

I Hate Danny Ainge Shirt

10) Danny Ainge Shirt

The story goes Ainge spotted a group of Pistons fans wearing" I hate Danny Ainge" shirts before the 1986 playoffs. Ainge went up to the group and asked if he could haave one of them to wear. He then proceeded to wear the shirt through warm ups.

Bo Jackson Nike Shirt

11) Bo Jackson Knows

Nike's classic Bo Jackson campaign. Bo was the do everything athlete Nike put behind their cross trainer series. The front graphic features an intense Bo Jackson with his entire face covering the shirt. One of the first shirts featuring a big face.

93 Bulls Shirt

12) Bulls 93 champs

During the 90s every kid on the block had a Bulls championship shirt. There are probably over 500 different Bulls championship shirts made in the 90s. This is our favorite, featuring comic book like illustrations. This shirt celebrates the 1993 championship, all members of the team are present.

Brian Bosworth NCAA Shirt

13) Bosworth NCAA

Ahead of its time in terms of relevance and popular opinion. The great showman Brian Bosworth was punished during his senior season by the NCAA. Bosworth's response was classic, as he sported a shirt that read "N-C-A-A National Communisit Against Athletes". At the time the shirt caused national outrage, quickly cementing Bosworth as a villain in the sports community.

Magic Johnson Back to Back Shirt

14) Back 2 Back World Champs Magic

When the Lakers won the 1988 NBA Championship, these shirts were printed up for Magic Johnson. Magic is pictured above wearing the shirt during their championship celebration. He even wore it during his TV interview during the celebration. The TV cameo gave the shirt instant popularity in the 80s, quickly selling out at local retailers.

Mike Ditka Chicago Shirt

15) Ditka

The supreme coach Mike Ditka is celebrated here. Ditka's name is illustrated in Classic Bears font and lines. A simple yet effective celebration of Mike Ditka.

Hulk Hogan WWF Champ Shirt

16) Hulk Hogan

An American folk hero Hulk Hogan reigned supreme during the 80s. He was wrestling's Golden boy with his trademark hot dog skin and silkened hair. Hulk dominated the WWF for years and is illustrated raising his championship belt.

Pete Rose Shirt

17) Pete Rose Charlie Hustle

Shirt celebrates Rose's Historic national league record in baseball. Charlie Hustle was an iconic athlete in his time, his popularity only seem to get higher as Rose was caught for betting.

Detroit Bad Boys Shirt

18) Bad Boys Original

The Bad Boys was a concept thought up in 1987 by the fans and sports writers of the Detroit Pistons. This design became the Bad Boys trademark design. Rick Mahorn and Bill Lambeer even put out a limited edition poster as part of this whole bad boys promotion. This shirt is still rather popular among NBA fans.

76ers 1983 Championship Shirt

19) 83 Sixers Championship

In a classic interview, a 76ers fan with the shirt on uttered the phrase "Big Mo, Little Mo, The Doctor, Andrew Toney, Iavaroni, No Bologna, Sixers all the way." See that video here. An iconic shirt during the NBA Finals and for decades after. A Philadelphia fan favorite.

Stan "The Man' Musial Shirt

20) Stan the Man

 Stan "The Man" Musial was one of the coolest athletes of his time. During his playing years he was only seldom seen because of his slim media coverage nationally. Shirt features old fashion type and a caricature drawing of Stan.


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