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23 Michael Jordan Stories May 20 2019, 0 Comments

23 Epic Michael Jordan Tails
In honor of next years 20 hour Michael Jordan documentary we bring you some of the best stories from Jordan legend. These stories ares quintessential Michael Jordan. 23 Stories that Proved Michael Jordan’s scary psychotic competitive level. Ten stories that prove Michael Jordan may have been a religious figure. Way past competitive to maybe a psychotic level. These stories some up Jordan’s competitive fire and nature. Several of these stories come from ex-teammates and the old Bulls assistant Johnny Bach.

Michael Jordan Steve Smith

1) Counting Backwards
When Steve Smith was in his second season, he felt particularly good when he mentioned to a reporter that he was the best in the league at stopping Michael Jordan. After Jordan hit his first basked of the game, he simply told Smith “48”. After he dropped his next bucket he told the swingman “46”. Yep, you guessed it he counted all the way down to zero, ending the game with a total of 48 points.

Michael Jordan Team USA

2) USA Team vs NBA Stars
During the 1984 NBA draft Michael Jordan was selected 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls. At the time, he was playing with team USA who was being coached by Bobby Knight in Bloomington, Indiana. During the trials, team USA had scheduled a series of games to take on the NBA stars. The USA team featured the likes of . They would go on to play the NBA players in 5 different games. During the first game Jordan embarrassed the team of NBA veteran set by the league office. The NBA league took note and sent several all pro players like Kevin McHale, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird and Robert Parish. The second game was far more intense as several pros took shots at Jordan, including Mike Dunleavy, who threw an elbow then commented Jordan wasn’t shit. Jordan then lost his mind, preceding to show the world what was to come. The next three games Jordan absolutely dominated the NBA team winning each game they played. During the time coaching Jordan, head coach Knight initially thought “how could I start a two guard that can’t shoot. He eventually wavered to say that “ this Jordan good is going to be pretty good.” After team USA finished their exhibition series against the NBA stars, Knight said “He’s going to be the greatest player in the history of basketball”. Of course Knight would prove to be correct.

Michael Jordan & Steve Kerr

3) Welcome to the NBA Steve Kerr
Steve Kerr was just starting his NBA career when he had a quick run-in with Jordan. In a preseason game with Cleveland, Kerr had a court side seat as the game started. He caught the eye of Mr. Jordan, Michael caught the ball on the wing in front of Kerr. He palmed the ball and then looked directly at Steve Kerr and said “Watch This”. Jordan turned baseline, got by his defender and finished a vicious two hand jam over 7’1 center Brad Dougherty.

Michael Jordan UNC Card Games Buzz Peterson

4) UNC Card Games
Michael’s one time college teammate Buzz Peterson has a story that doesn't exactly make Jordan the most ethical figure. Buzz caught MJ trying to cheat his own mother in a card game back on the campus at Chapel Hill during his sophomore season. Peterson waited until no one was in the room to ask him, “Michael are you that competitive that you have to cheat my own mother out of a card game”.

Michael Jordan Labradford Smith

5) Labradford Smith Story
On March 19, 1993 LaBradford Smith went bonkers hitting 15-20 shots in route to 37 points against the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan claimed that Smith mocked him post game saying “Nice game, Mike.” Jordan wanted all 37 of his points back in the first half of their next meeting. They happened to play the next night in the Capital Center. Jordan started the game with16 straight points, eventually he finished the first half with 36 points. Years later Jordan admitted he made up the whole “nice game” comments. The best part of the story was that opposing Bullets players were in such awe of Jordan, Smith never denied the comments. In the post game interviews Jordan said, “That was a very embarrassing situation for me. Evidently I didn’t respect the guy and he’s certainly capable of putting up some numbers, and he did. Offensively, it wasn’t going for me and I let that effect my defensive effort and that’s something I will improve on. I look forward to the challenge”. According to some journalists close to the team, he also promised to score 37 points, LaBradford’s total, in the first half of the next game.

Michael Jordan Hawks

6) 200,000 Rock Paper scissors.
Jordan apparently used to wager $20,000 on a single match of everyone's favorite childhood game. According to his former teammate Jay Williams, Mike would consistently bet money playing 'rock, paper, scissors.’ Sometimes, these games made their way up to six-figures.

7) Jordans Pre Arranged Bets
His airiness would show up really early to get his shots up on game day. As a shot, he noticed the gatehouse staff doing a run dry through everything. He sees the three-color dot race up on the scoreboard. The story is he goes up to the PA system guys and asks “You already know who’s going to win the color race”. The guy responded thats the red one is going to win the race. Eventually when the game rolled around and the race game came on the scoreboard he turned to Scottie Pippen. Mike tells Scottie 100 bucks on the red one. Of course Mike collects his payment and precedes to do this practice for the rest of the season.

Michael Jordan Team Flight

8) The airport gambling prank
During his days with the Bulls, he would bet with his teammates on whose luggage would come out first at the airport. Jordan would alway pre arrange for the airport security to bring his luggage out first. So Jordan won the majority if not all of those bets.

Michael Jordan & Charles Barkley

9) His strategy while playing against Charles Barkley in the Finals.
During the 1993 NBA Finals between the Bulls and the Suns, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley agreed to play a game of golf together the day before game four. The pair played 48 holes, and Jordan gifted Charles with $20,000 diamond earrings. When asked why the gift, Jordan responded with, "He won't get in my way the rest of the series, what's $20,000 to me? Charles thinks we're great friends. I hate that fat f*ck." After the golf match, MJ scored 55 points in game 4.

Michael Jordan Fly With Me

10) Mj embarrassed top HS prospect OJ Mayo at age 43
During one summer in at UCSB top high school prospect OJ Mayo showed up to Michael Jordan’s basketball camp. The schoolboy legend had a huge following at the time. He challenged 'His Airness' in front of the whole crow. That’s when MJ dismissed the attendees early, except for Mayo. Jordan proceeded to dominated the teenager, all while talking trash as only Mike can. "You better scream for momma. Mom-ma, mom-ma!" According to Mayo, Jordan preached..."Hey, young fella, let me tell you something. You may be the best high school player in the world, but I’m the greatest ever. Don’t you ever disrespect the great like that."

Michael Jordan 23 Stories
11) Ping Pong
MJ once lost a game of ping pong to his teammate on the Chicago Bulls. The story goes that he absolutely lost his mind, bought a table the very next days. He immediately spent the next six months training every day. He trained for ping-pong both at home and at the Bulls facility until he beat the player in a rematch.

 Michael Jordan & Mugsy Bouges

12) Muggsy Bouges
According to ex Bulls assistant coach Johnny Bach, their 1995 playoff series against the Charlotte Hornets was capped by a signature Jordan moment. On the biggest possession of the game, Muggsy had the ball with the Hornets down 1. Jordan backed off of him and told him: 'shoot it you f*cking midget.' Muggsy shot it, and didn't come close. A year later, Muggsy actually told Johnny Bach he believes that single play ruined his career.

Michael Jordan Coach Chuck USA

13) Golf With Chuck Dailey
After losing to Dream Team coach Chuck Daly in a golf match, Jordan forced his way into Chuck's hotel room the next morning by pounding on the door nonstop, demanding a rematch. He wouldn't leave until he got dressed to play. MJ went on to win the second game.

Jordan vs Kobe Dinner

14) The Michael-Kobe Dinner
The two best shooting guards in NBA history sat down for dinner after their playing careers were over in a Beverly Hills Steakhouse. Although not much was known about the topics of conversation, one story did manage to see daylight. Jordan compared his year in 1991, to Kobe’s peak year and suggesting he would have kicked Bryant’s ass. To which Kobe replied that Jordan should just enjoy the salad.

Michael Jordan Angry Stories

15) Rodney McCray
A former teammate said “he's the most viciously competitive player I’ve ever seen. He has practically ruined forward Rodney McCray for us”. When the two players are on opposing team in scrimmages Jordan is in his face, screaming “Your a loser! You’ve always been a loser!’. Rodney can hardly put up a jump shot snow”. McCray ended up winning a title that year but only averaged 15.9 minutes per game. It was also the last season he ever player.

Michael Jordan Victory Cigar

16) Pre Game Victory Celebration
Chris Webber tells a story from his days with the Washington Bullets in 1997. They were ready to take on the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the NBA playoffs. Webber remarked “I saw Michael Jordan come into our locker room with a cigar, while it was lit, and said, ‘Who’s going to check me tonight?’ And we looked at Calbert Chaney and we were laughing like little school kids knowing that Calbert Chaney was going to get him, we knew it wasn’t a game for Mike. Game 3 we get off the bus and I’ll never forget, Jordan was sitting on his Ferrari and Pippen was right there and they have a cigar lit. We get off the bus and we have to pass them with a lit cigar.”

Michael Jordan vs Clyde Drexler

17) Two Left Shoes
Alongside Jordan on the 92 Dream Team roster was Clyde Drexler. Drexler's Blazers had just lost to Jordan's Bulls earlier that summer in the NBA finals. In addition Jordan had completely cemented his position as best SG in history, a title that many had thought would be Drexler's just a few years earlier. That summer Drexler brings two left shoes to practice on accident. He is so fearful of what Jordan will say to him about forgetting a shoe that he wears the two left shoes for the entire practice.

Jordan 23

18) Reggie Theus
“He was really mad at Reggie Theus, because when Reggie got traded, Michael was the draft pick coming in and Reggie was like “there’s no one that can replace me that’s a rookie”. So MJ said, just tell Reggie I’m gonna get 45 tonight. So i went to the locker room and said “Reggie, Michael said he’s gonna get 45 tonight.” “So he ended up with 43, he comes into the locker room, and said I didn’t get 45 but you gotta come to Chicago, he was mad that he didn’t get 45!”.

 Michael Jordan Jim Jackson Your Wearing my Shoes

19) Your Wearing My Shoes Dumbass
During the 1996-1997 season, while Jim Jackson was on the Nets, Jackson was enjoying a good game against Michael Jordan and the defending champion Chicago Bulls. Jackson was talking trash to Jordan who shut up Jackson by pointing out that “Your wearing my shoes dumb ass".

Michael Jordan Isiah Thomas
20) Stacey King - I got Jokes
Stacey King walked into the locker room holding a box with a big smile on his face. All Jordan said was "Hope there's a jump shot in that box”.

Michael Jordan Minor League Baseball Whitesox
21) Minor League Jordan
A member of the Birmingham Barons had this story about Jordan. There was a rain delay during one of their games and the players were all hanging out in the dugout waiting for the storm to pass. A few of the players noticed some cockroaches crawling around the dugout and watched them race around. Jordan sees the commotion and comes over to see what the noise is. He tells the team he's gonna bet $500 on one of the cockroaches.They pooled all the money together and got the cockroaches ready to start. They lifted the barricade and as soon as they do Jordan squashes the teams cockroach, picks up their $500 and walks away.

Michael Jordan The Shot

22) Give Me The Ball
In Game 5 of the 1989 playoffs against Cleveland. Bulls are down 1, last possession. Doug collins calls time out. Everyone knows the ball is going to Michael. Collins draws up a play to use MJ as a decoy and get the ball down in the post to Dave Corzine. Jordan slaps the clipboard of the coach's hand and says "Just give me the fucking ball.” Jordan makes the shot, and the Bulls win the game.

Michael Jordan Golf

23) Mj Golfing Tales
One of Michael’s supposed friends wrote the book Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction...My Cry For Help! Jordan said of the book "I felt I was betrayed by this individual,”. “I don't consider him a friend, because friends don't do this to other friends.” The book told a story of Jordan running up a $1.2 million debt over a ten-day golf binge in San Diego—a debt Jordan supposedly played down to $908,000, negotiated down to $300,000, and ultimately paid $200,000. Charles Barkley told a story of Jordan putting for the small sum of $300,000.

Strangest Sports Memorabilia of All Time August 06 2018, 1 Comment

       We love sports, but we are always amazed to see how far people take that obsession. Whether its in the form of a sports crazed stalker or someone that will pay thousands of dollars for someones used jock strap. Here's the weirdest sports items ever sold at Auction.

Ty Cobb Dentures
Ty Cobb Wooden Dentures
Baseball’s all time leader in batting average was known for his quick temper and his unapproachable demeanor. The daughter of a dentist bought Cobb’s dentures for a whopping $6,500, hopefully they don’t smell.

Jose Canseco's Finger
Jose Canseco’s Finger
Jose Canseco isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, so when he shot off his finger with a Remington 45 few were surprised. After sharing the incident on social media, it was natural he put the finger up for sale. The finger didn’t end up selling, but he would attempt to would sell his sole if there were any buyers.

Curt's Bloody Sock
Curt Schilling Bloody Sock
The most famous bloody sock of all time, there's still question to whether or not the injury was real. The incident played out in game 6 of the 2004 ALCS, in which Schilling pitched brilliantly. Eventually, Shilling auctioned off the sock for $92,613. Not details were shared on the buyer, we assume he lives in the Boston area.

Nolan Ryan Jockstrap
Nolan Ryan Jockstrap
The fireball pitcher had a rather unique item come to auction when his jockstrap hit the market in the mid 19990’s. Someone spent $25,000 for the honor of owning a piece that held a mans grundle.

Tom Seaver's Tooth Pick
Tom Seaver's Toothpick
While toothpick’s were all the rage in the 60’s, its hard to imagine someone would pay over $400 for a toothpick without superpowers. But that's exactly what happened in 1992 when a New Yorker paid $440 for Seaver’s toothpick. The pick itself was found in the pocket of Seaver’s 1969 Miracle Met's jacket. Which leads us to the question, was that toothpick ever used?

Barry Sanders Urinal
Barry Sanders Urinal
Our favorite item on the list, a fan had the foresight to purchase the urinal from the Detroit Silverdome in 2013 for $23. The fan then took the urinal to a Barry Sanders autograph signing session at a local mall. He told Sanders the story and Sanders signed it. After getting the autograph, the owner sold it for $3,000.

Babe Ruth Jersey
Babe Ruth Jersey
No one can refute that Ruth was one of the greatest baseball players of all-time. A jersey worn by Babe sold for $4,415,658 in 2012, making it the highest selling sports memorabilia of all-time. The jersey was worn in 1920 and the earliest known jersey worn by Babe with the Yankees. While the item is legit, the price is staggering to us. To compare, Babe Ruth’s jersey he wore in his “called shot” game went for only 940,000 dollars in 2009.

Michael Jordans Lost Jersey
Michael Jordan’s 12 Jersey
Mj’s legendary 23 jersey was stolen one night, so Mike had to play in a blank 12 Bulls jersey. He scored 49 points in a 1990 Valentines day loss to Orlando. The jersey has made several rounds from one collector to the next. The game worn number 12 is definitely one of the cooler items that is for sale today.

Gonzo's Chewed Gum
Luis Gonzalez Chewed Gum
Far from the best of his era, borderline Hall-of-Famer Luis Gonzalez had an item bought at an auction that was utterly absurd. A fan bought a piece of Gonzalez’s used Bubblegum for a whopping $10,000. How much would pieces of chewed gum be sold if it was Michael Jordan’s, Wayne Gretzky's or Babe Ruth’s? By far the most over prized nonsense on a list of overpriced nonsense.

OJ White Bronco
Al Cowlings / OJ’s White Bronco
Although it wasn't put it your typical auction, they’re were plenty of people interested in purchasing Al Cowlings Bronco that harbored OJ Simpson during the 1994 chase. Eventually the car sold for over 75,000. The vehicle has bounced around and is now available for a cool 750,000.

Babe Ruth / David Wells Vintage Yankee Cap
David Wells Babe Ruth Worn Hat
A huge Babe Ruth fan, pitching legend David Wells purchased Ruth’s cap for about 35,000 dollars. Wells actually wore the vintage hat, to pitch in a 1997 regular season contest. He wore the cap for the entire 1st inning before manager Joe Torre made Wells replace the cap. Eventually, he sold it for 537,000 dollars in 2012.

Babe Ruth Gag Photo
Ruth Gags Photo
A rare photo of Babe Ruth went up for sale, the picture showed Ruth in a rather playful moment. The photo was sold at auction for over $3,000 to a Baltimore collector.

Klay Thompson Magic Toaster
Klay Thompson Toaster
Although this item has not been sold by the owner, we believe that the item will find its way to market. A Golden State fan once went to a signing session with Klay Thompson and got his toaster signed. Klay was puzzled by the move, but still agreed to sign the toaster. After signing the toaster, the Warriors proceeded to win 29 of their next 30 games (including the Finals). The media and fans started anointing the toaster “magic”. Thompson later invited the toaster guy to the Warriors’ championship parade. We think the toaster could be sold for more than $9,000.

David Price Twinkie
David Price Signed Twinkie
Price signed a Twinkie for a Red Sox fan. Said Twinkie then went for $56 on eBay. This was all in the midst of the Twinkie apocalypse.

Greek Freak Frying Pan
Frying pan Giannis Antetokoumpo
Another item that is not yet for sale, but will be one day. Giannis Antetokounmpo made an appearance at a grocery store in Milwaukee, and 2,500 people came out with items they wanted to get signed. Antetokounmpo was only supposed to stay for an hour. Instead he ended up signing a frying pan.

Andrew Luck Sketch
Andrew Luck Sketch of Lucas Oil Stadium
Upon being drafted by the Colts, the architectural design major sketched a picture of the Colts home stadium. Although the item has spirit, we were surprised it sold for $1,500 in auction.

Curry Mouthguard
Steph Curry Mouth Guard
The sharpshooters mouth piece went for $3,190 in a 2016 bay area auction.

Joe Cool's Love Letters Notre Dame
Joe Montana’s Love Letters
How would you feel if your ex-girlfriend sold your old love letters and made them public? His college girlfriend ended up marrying Joe, before the two divorced in 1993. She hung onto some of the notes and letters he’d written her. A collection of three love letters went for $3346.

Wagner Rookie Card
Honus Wagner T-206 Card
The most famous baseball card of all time, the T206 Honus Wagner card in a near-mint condition, was sold to Hockey star Wayne Gretzky at an auction for $451,000 in 1991. It repeatedly sold at auction, reaching a peak of $2.8 million in 2011. A year later, a auction house dealer admitted to trimming the card’s frayed edges to improve its value. Approximately 57 T-206 Wagner cards exist, with virtually all selling for at least six figures, regardless of condition.

Agassi Pony Tail
Andre Agassi Pony Tail
His hair is one of the most iconic in sports history, so it wasn’t a shock when the CEO of Planet Hollywood went all in for the Tennis star’s prized locks. It was put on a rotating display at some of their Planet Hollywood restaurants.

Adam Morrison Gauze
Adam Morrison Bloodied Nose Gauze
Although his career in the NBA was short lived, Adam Morrison will always be a legend in Spokane, Washington. The former Gonzaga star once famously bloodied his nose during his junior season. The bloodied nose gauze found its way to an auction where it was purchased for $2,000.

Michael Jordan BBQ Sauce
Michael Jordan McDonalds BBQ Sauce
In 2012 a North Dakota native sold a one gallon jug of the rare McJordan sauce for $10,000. A “McJordan” was a quarter pounder with cheese, bacon, pickles, onions, mustard and barbecue sauce that came out in 1992 and cost $1.85. The Sauce was over 20 year old when purchased, a rare item purchased by an insane collector.

Modell's Toilet
Art Modell's Toilet
The toilet used by the former Browns owner in his Cleveland Municipal Stadium sold for $2,700. Purchaser Gary Baur said "I wanted to see where Art Modell made all his bad business decisions."

RG3 Cast
Robert Griffin III Cast
Rich Bruno joined other weird memorabilia owners by spending over $1,500 on a cast worn by Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III. The cast was also autographed by his teammates, but Bruno was interested for sentimental value.

Thurman Munson Plane
Thurman Munson’s Pilot Licence
A dark item that went up for auction was Thurman Munson’s pilot license, yes the same Munson that died in a plane crash. Super fan Richard Tschernia shocked the public when he paid $6,900 for Munson's pilot's license that expired only days before the Yankees catcher died in a plane crash.

Babe Ruth Letter to Mistress
Babe Ruth Note to Mistress
A handwritten note from Babe Ruth to his mistress, written on hotel stationery in 1922, sold for $75,000.

Diamggio Wedding Cake
Joe DiMaggio’s Wedding Cake
Although it wasn’t from DiMaggio’s wedding with famed Marilyn Monroe, the stale cake still sold for $715 at an auction. The piece was left over from DiMaggio's first wedding, to actress Dorothy Arnold in 1939.


Wilt Chamberlain vs Michael Jordan - The 1997 NBA All-Star Luncheon February 05 2017, 0 Comments

Wilt Chamberlain vs Michael Jordan

      During the 1997 All-Star break in Cleveland, the NBA decided to honor the 50 greatest players of all time. A luncheon was scheduled as part of the event, which featured players from the past and present. At the time of the luncheon Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain had never crossed paths.

       The debate over the greatest basketball player of all time usually produces only a handful of arguments. Michael Jordan is widely regarded as the best player of all time, but Wilt Chamberlain also holds a place in the debate. Their dominance has been contrasted and compared at great lengths. Those critical of Chamberlain point to the fact he was putting up stats in a league full of weak competition. They also scoff at the fact that Wilt was only able to win 2 championships. Critics of Jordan also cite the weak competition for the duration of the 90’s and quitting to play baseball. Chamberlain is largely regarded as a stat monster, averaging 50 points and 25 rebounds during the 62 season. He was also able to showcase his versatile skills in the 1967 season, averaging 24 points 24 rebounds and 8 assists. Jordan won a bevy of scoring titles to go along with defensive player of the year awards. Mike was also seen as the greatest winner in basketball since Bill Russell.

       So how close is the debate between Chamberlain and Jordan? Depends on the age of the person you ask. However the luncheon at the 1997 All Star game shed some light on the debate, at least from Wilt’s perspective.

       The luncheon was held on saturday and many of the old time players attended the event. Among them were Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill Walton and more. In the deep corner of the brunch, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain sat having an intense discussion. The topic of conversation was predictable, who was the greatest? The two traded jabs the entire brunch until it was time to go. Still, the pair continued to argue. Soon Commissioner David Stern tried to intervene, reminding them they were set to leave 15 minutes earlier. Still jabbering, the pair got up from the table to join everyone else in line. Just before they were about to leave, Chamberlain spoke up. The room grew silent in anticipation of Wilt’s words, “Just remember Michael, when I played they changed the rules to make the game harder for me and when you played they changed the rules to make the game easier for you”. It was the only known time the two had crossed paths.

Michael Jordan's Number 12 October 07 2015, 0 Comments

Michael Jordan 12 jersey

           The Chicago Bulls visited the new franchise Orlando Magic on Valentine's day 1990. Returning to the arena after shoot around, Michael Jordan noticed his number 23 jersey was missing. In those days the Bulls did not carry extra 23 jerseys on the round. So the team staff went out in the crowd before the game and went searching for a 23 jersey in Jordan's correct size. The search came up unsuccessful, and Jordan was forced to wear a black nameless number 12 jersey carried by the Bulls in case of emergency.
           The nameless 12 jersey did not effect Jordan's play. Over 47 minutes of action, Jordan scored a game-high 49 points. However Chicago ended up with a loss after they led by double digits in the third quarter. The Magic mounted comeback to force overtime, where they pulled out a 135-129 win.
           Michael's 23 jersey was found a few days after the game in the visiting teams locker room ceiling tiles. No one will ever know just exactly how the jersey got into the locker room ceiling.

Top 10 Sports Commercials of All Time December 16 2014, 0 Comments